Good value Websites for shopping/shipping to Taiwan



Nice one, thanks for the link.

I don’t know about ordering clothes online and hsipping to Taiwan, I purchased electronics from this company
and they were nice enough to mark down the price for customs purposes and also sent the product in such a way it really didn’t cost much. They also take Paypal and ship to unconfirmed addresses and addresses that are not even on your Paypal account as long as you fax them your passport copy and/or driver’s license. They also had relatively cheap prices, as most places won’t even consider international orders.

I like for books – they shipped me an out-of-print used book which arrived today for just $7 shipping. Try to get to do that!!

Yesasia has free shipping on most orders to Taiwan.

Free shipping and discounts off the cover price too. This rocks, I am ready to order!

Thanks for that great yesasia link. I already ordered some books that have been on my Amazon wishlist for months.

Thanks for the alibris link. How long did it take for the book to arrive?

I have recently used Powells books ( and the shipping is horrendous. I had ordered a hard to find book that I couldn’t find anywhere and it arrived on a Thursday morning after ordering it late on Monday. [/url]

I ordered some things through Alibris but they arrived addressed to me in “Taiwan, Province of China”.

After I wrote to complain, I received a message from a company representative saying there was nothing they could do. :imp:

While not clothes or books I have been thinking of ordering some items from TokyoFlash. If you like interesting or unique watches they seem to have a decent collection. I don’t have experience ordering from them … yet.

[quote=“cranky laowai”]I ordered some things through Alibris but they arrived addressed to me in “Taiwan, Province of China”.

After I wrote to complain, I received a message from a company representative saying there was nothing they could do. :imp:[/quote]I get all British DVD’s and Videos from, excellent service, even if they have just starting charging for posting abroad. And they changed the “Taiwan, Province of China” for me. I just told them I was afraid it would go to the wrong country and get lost if it said that. Some companies are willing to do anything for their customers, and some aren’t.

I wonder if there a Taiwanese companies out there with English websites…

Placed an order about two weeks ago at Got notified yesterday that they shipped (from HK) and had my package delivered this morning. Free shipping!

You had some bad luck or something, I guess. I placed my first order with them on Monday and it got here today (Friday). That was the free shipping experience that I had with them. Quite fast, especially considering how long the expensive shipping from Amazon takes to get here. Looking forward to placing another order this weekend. This company is God sent.

Really? I was happy with 2 weeks too; just hate paying shipping with Amazon. I’m ready to order more this week. Gus should get Forumosa on their affiliate program.

Yesasia is awesome. Someone there is actually using his brain, the Western Products tab (in English) rocks my world!

Hi! I have filled my shopping cart at with books I want to order, but I’m not sure what to put for my address her in Taiwan. Do I use the English version of my address or should I find someone to type it in Chinese for me? I have a .jpg of my address in Chinese, but I don’t have it typed anywhere where I can copy & paste it. Do you think the English version will work, or should I get a friend to give me a hand?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Your English address should work just fine. Usually if I am dealing with a small company I send them a .pdf file with my Chinese address, however for someplace like yesasia I just use the English address.

your address in english is fine.

I used my English address.

By the way, as much as I want to support and I will continue to support them, I see that some books at Amazon are cheaper. Both Yesasia and Amazon have discounts but sometimes Amazon’s is deeper and sometimes Yesasia has none at all. I suppose with the international shipping and considering the extra time for shipping from Amazon USA, Yesasia is still most always the way to go.

With that said, still don’t forget to compare the price with Amazon.

Do Amazon ship to Taiwan at all?