Good vitamin supplement vs. constipation

I’ll be going back to the States soon and want to avail myself of the cheap vitamins there. I want something I can take regularly which is a natural and somewhat holistic method of facilitating regularity.

Please don’t recommend prunes, prune juice or some weird fibre drink. None of those appeal to me.

Many thanks, in advance, for your advice!

Simplest thing is to go to a reputable health food story and ask.
Avoid long term use of senna or other like products. They can cause physical dependence and intestinal cramping. There are several bulking agents that work well for regular use and these also facilitate cleaning the colon. Some even add nutrients for absorption into the lower intestinal track. Some products also include beneficial bacteria for the lower gut. Thats a good thing.

Do a bit of home work and you will find a number of very good products among the numerous ones out there.
And remember - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Good advice! Thank you. I don’t know what “senna” is, but I’ll look that up so as to avoid it.

When I was taking a certain medication that resulted in constipation, I found daily intake of grape seed extract did the trick.

To help avoid consitpation, you might increase your water intake. A lot of the time, dehydration will result in hardened stools, which makes it sh!t-hard (excuse the unfortunate relevancy of the term) to go poo.

Fiber is also a natural, safe way of helping with constipation.

I’d avoid taking any drugs even those from “natural sources” as they can lead to a chemical dependency and you’re really not dealing with the problem so much as treating the symptom.

Good luck.

How about eating a small papaya every morning? my friend who has had serious constant contsipation problems for over 10 years said this did the trick.

Paya and some of its seeds definitely does the trick. Don’t chew the seeds though.