Good Work-Out Music

I highly recommend the
sound track.

It has what ya need to get pumpin, jumpin humpin’ thumpin’ and runnin’…It Rocks!


For my age-- Madonna works. Under 30, I guess Lady Gaga…

Used to like this one while at the gym in 2000

The Prodigy. Music for the Jilted Generation.

Musical adrenaline and guaranteed to get you over the finishing line. … Generation

Mary J Blige - Family Affair - I lost 10 pounds on that song alone in the gym when I first got divorced 6 years ago.

Then the Matrix soundtrack, especially Dragula by Rob Zombie.

I hear there’s a lot of AC/DC in Iron Man 2, that oughtta serve some gym purpose.

Die Toten Hosen, Prodigy (Music for the Jilted Generation and Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned), Outkast, the Black Hawk Down soundtrack, The Crystal Method (Drive or Vegas), Fluke (Risotto). That’s this week’s selection, anyway.

The Matrix soundtrack was my driving tune when I worked the night shift at the airport. Got ya in the mood for not touching the brakes for 40 minutes.

Daft Punk: One More Time or Music sounds better with you or Technologic.

Got a Best of 2000. Tommy would like it. It starts with Blue, Two Times, Amokk -favorite in discos at that time- Heart of Asia… really cool stuff.

Talking about disco, I’ve got a workout CD, all disco: Maniac, of course, Bad Girls, stuff like that.

And for Latin music, some socca or merengue. Maybe Proyecto Uno or Ilegales but that’s really old stuff.

This is tommy’s fav surely? NSFW

Mortal Kombat 1&2 soundtracks
White Zombie
Luna Mortis

Thatt was pretty rad.

We have some hot chiquitas at my 24hr fitness right cross the street believe you me !

I cant put on any sxxy vids cuz i will earn meself 2 weeks time off.

I do like these (tame) vids tho: gets me movin

kalimba de luna … re=related

vamos a bailar … re=related

bailando- … re=related

rapture … &index=192

OK, you guys asked for it:

And seriously, if you are going to come up with oldies:

JP that last video is much better with the sound turned off and pants around ankles, which is no gym work out (except in the locker rooms at California Fitness). Seriously though, you ought to consider temp’ing yourself for that nauseating mess.

I’m not sure which video you’re referring to, Mr Tongues.

Edit: Oh that one. I quite like it. :smiley:

I don’t work out, but if I did, it would be to this one:

[quote=“tommy525”]Used to like this one while at the gym in 2000[/quote]

You got to be kidding me. That’s music for beating a squirrel to death with a golf club.

[quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”][quote=“tommy525”]Used to like this one while at the gym in 2000[/quote]

You got to be kidding me. That’s music for beating a squirrel to death with a golf club.[/quote]

admittedly Paola e Chiara is way easier on the eyes.
Bambina Italiano si.

Heres mo squirrel punch up for ya: (oldie but goodie) … re=related

TC, following your recommendation I bought the Ironman2 soundtrack and worked out to it yesterday. Good call. :thumbsup:

Where’s the music to motivate you to get to the gym to work out?!?!?

Here Nama, this willl help you get there