Goodbye NHL, Hello Curling

Will it’s official now.

NO NHL for 2005. Probably no NHL for 2006 as well.

Perhaps the NHL fans will discover some other sports out there. Like fishing, or ie golf. Maybe a resugence of curling.

Curling is great fun to play but it 'aint a spectator sport IMO.

I don’t know, my dad always watches curling on TV. Of course, he lives in the hotbed of the sport - the frozen wasteland of Saskatchewan.

Daily Show fan?

There are some behind the scenes action and they might ‘uncancel’ the season. Stay tuned!

no one is denying or confirming anything …

they can’t possibly be stupid enuf to concel the season, but neither can they possibly be stupid enuf to call what’s left a season … it would just be seen for what it is - a way to make $$$ during the playoffs

unless the tickets were free :astonished:

you watch. if they fire it up, they will give away a few tickets, and then think everything is fine again. i really hope they see the light - $80 for a nosebleed seat is a crime.

but i’m not holding my breath.