Goodwill towards China/Chinese versus wanting to unify





Apology accepted- now think before you do something you’ll be sorry about later!!!

Hey AC, since we’ve bickered so much on the same forum, but we both live in NYC, why don’t we share our homes/apartments and become relatives?

What? You want to be like the Fukenese and share the same abode with 5 other families.

Are you proposing to ac_dropout? Dont’t forget the ring. I thought you prefer big tall sweaty women of the Chinese national basketball team. :smiley:

Chinese people are okay, sometimes. It’s their government that I find revolting.
If the majority of Taiwanese votes to re-unify (without those damn missiles), why not?
But frankly I don’t see that happening in the near future.
And as time goes by the younger generation will make re-unification a lot more unlikely.

You must come and live with me. We are all children of Adam, after all. That makes us relatives.

Actually, come to think of it, we are already one. It’s a damn lie to suggest otherwise. We just need to have more direct links, if you know what I mean, huh huh, heh heh.

Confound it, maybe we should leave this for the next generation to resolve. Just nobody better let you into their house. And if you sleep with them, or make a mess of your place (which is really my place, because you belong to me baby), I’ll come over and kill ya.

(If I try to sneak in your window tonight, I wonder if I’ll make it back before the big game…?)