Google Analytics & Neihu

Hi all

I’ve recently taken control over a companies general website design & maintenance, and noticed that they were missing any type of reporting tool on their traffic. I’ve implemented Google Analytics and am now reviewing date from the first month.

Surprisingly for us, Neihu is the single biggest source of traffic to our website in terms of City location. This is confusing and thought provoking as our business (a restaurant chain) is not located outside of Taoyuan County, and we were recently made aware of a property in Neihu that we’re considering investing in!

I’m trying to ascertain if we can be confident with what the data is telling us. I’m not massively familiar with internet workings, but my general understanding is that Google knows where you’re from by checking the locale of your IP. Is there perhaps an ISP relay station/gateway/proxy/etc of some kind in Neihu that is allocating out IPs meant for Neihu to its customers across the country?

That might be beyond general public knowledge, but perhaps someone else using Analytics has seen a similar anomaly? Or perhaps nobody has and I can be quite confident in what its telling me…?