Google Fi coverage and data speeds speeds in Taiwan 2021?

Is anyone using Google Fi from the US and roaming in TWN? How is the signal coverage? What data speeds are you getting usually and are they comparable to local TWN carriers?

I need to have access to my US number (which is also linked to another US number that’s already ported on Google Voice).

I am using Google Fi but activated here using VPN so I can’t get a signal unless I take it to the US for the first time. I can send/receive texts via the internet but no calls :frowning:

I recently moved it to Google Voice to be able to call via Wi-Fi at least.

I use it with no issues. Speeds are fine.

I’ve used it here and in Japan and it’s decent for light bandwidth tasks, tether speed is slow. But I pause it while in Taiwan and get a local sim which is unlimited data and much faster plus I can tether it wherever I go.

My experience is similar to my local SIM with TW Mobile…it works really well.

Take care though, they’ve been cancelling people whom they deem are using it exclusively overseas. You can Google around a bit to get the latest.

I use it to keep my US number and when we could travel, for roaming, but never as a permanent solution here. TXT messages still come through even if I don’t have it turned on.

That sounds like something I might need to do. Are you using the GV number forwarded to your TWN number?

No, I am using Google Voice app directly (migrated my previous Google Fi number to GV). Company pays for Google Fi so there is a secondary number there that I won’t use at the moment.