Google gets entangled in Taiwan-China dispute

I emailed google on this and here is their reply:


Thank you for writing. As you may have noticed, the Google Local
interface has been updated to improve the overall experience for our users.
Searching for addresses, cities, postal codes, and countries will now
result in a larger viewable map, which is made possible by eliminating
the textual information on the left-hand side of the page for these types
of searches. We have also updated the labeling of regions and countries
on our maps so that the size of the label correlates directly to the
size of the region.

These changes were motivated by our efforts to effectively apply user
feedback to improve Google Local. We appreciate your continued feedback.

The Google Team

Pretty lame I reckon.

Now, the Internet in CHina is full of protests against Google for caving in to Taiwan’s demands…and they are calling for a boycott of all Google products in CHINA. Dumbasses! Page 2 story in Taiwan News today…

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