Google map glitches?

I am trying to find public transport route from Tamsui to Taipei veterans general hospital but google map is giving me weird route that needs 3km walking!

Anyone else see the same problem.? Are there any road closures today that might cause this?


quite a large area around there with no street view either. maybe the Hospital, University or whatever did not give them permission. Anyway, I cant imagine how you couldnt just walk directly in from shipai road.

That would be a nice stroll up to the top of a hill and a very large boulder. There’s no possible way that that’s the way to go, so you can safely assume it’s a glitch. Just get off the bus in front of the hospital.

Personally I like that route, much more interesting and educating.

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Funnily enough I was thinking today that Taiwan has so many (and many other countries too) snakes that I’m sure that there are some on google maps. Then I found a roadkill. Well, it wasn’t dead yet, I almost killed it for sparing its last suffering bu then I decided not to intervene.

So that’s basically the alien spider that you often notice only when it’s like 10 cm from your face.

Something mysterious? Like a gremlin? Alien? Trump supporters? Libtards? More mysterious than flat earthers? To who?

It’s a conspiracy I’m telling you!

Satellite pictures and street views of my house viewable by anyone in the universe now that’s mysterious.

Come on Google.

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Whatever you do, do not search for Amazon rain forest on google maps, and even if you searched for it, do not drag and drop the street view man on to the location labeled the Amazon rain forest.