Google Maps can show you what movies you saw in theaters

“it can use public showtimes to figure out what movies you’ve seen based on the times you’ve stayed at the location.”

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No thank you. I’d prefer to let my brain rot in peace and not remember everything.

Google: I know what you did last weekend.

Another Tango42 Topic saved!

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So it is doing nothing of benefit (we remember what movies we watched) and admitting it is spying on us more

Did they happen to outsource their marketing department to China?

It helps to show you other things you might be interested in. Look at the “recommended for you” in Maps. I think they’re listing to us too.

I turned off the location tracking when it would send me notes asking how crowded a particular MRT station was then demanding over the next few days to report back and upload pictures.

“It looks like you’re enjoying those fries. Why don’t you upload a picture and rate the restaurant before you shove any more in your mouth?”

Can turn things off in the settings and still leave location tracking on.

For example:

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Can also adjust various location settings so you still can use your location for map but delete all history and delete automatically.

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Above are the eight words you left out of my quoted comment.

They are listening to you. In the car, someone says “we should get gas”. Suddenly, your maps has all the nearby gas stations show up, with prices.

My uncle, who does no online shopping, commented to someone about his tie. The person responded with “thanks its ‘blablablaexpensivedesigner’”. Suddenly, his phone and home computer were showing nothing but ads for ties from blablablaexpensivedesigner.

Yeah, it’s listening to everything you say and do (yes, everything). And my friend gets annoyed with me for unplugging her google home anytime I enter the room.

I don’t know about Google, but there is a way to hear everything Alexa has recorded and saved around your home.

Long as it’s not defaulted on, there’s no problem.