Google Maps Directions for Motorcycle

I notice Google maps now has directions for riding something that looked like a motorcycle.

I wonder how it will know if I’m riding a scooter or a big bike that can go on highways.

And will it say to go right to the white box and wait for a the green light when turning left, unless riding a big bike that can turn left with traffic.

And will it say ride along sidewalks or the wrong way on one way streets.

If google could update maps to instruct a scooter to go over two lanes of traffic to turn right based on real time traffic conditions, I would be really impressed.

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It has a sensor to sense the size of your motor?

Do you see this on your computer or phone? Everything is updated for me on both and I don’t see any such icon.

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Here’s another.

Ah, good news: I live in Taiwan, and I’m going to Indonesia next CNY.
Bad news: I don’t have an Android phone :frowning:


Just did a sample “Directions” and the “two-wheelers” showed up.

Looks like this


One thing I cannot find: is it really not available on Apple OS?

Any motor/scooter can go on highways, but not on Freeways!

I wish they have bike directions.

Just take the walking thingy, everyone uses the sidewalks anyways, even fast electric bikes.

I don’t! But its hard enough to see whether pedastrian paths have designated bike lanes as it is so it’s a bit farfetched.

I guess I can use the motobike version and just sight bridges and overpasses to make sure I don’t get on them.

OK, freeways. Big bikes can go on freeways.

Yellow plates and red plates can go on highways (expressways). White plates still cannot.

Big bikes can go on expressways and some smaller freeways (as a trial), but they can’t go on the big freeways (including the 1&3)

AFAIK, a few years ago they passed the law which allowed big bikes on the freeways. I think around they same time they allowed yellow plates on the expressways. But, each city/county still says no. Something about the ETC doesn’t work for the bikes or other lame excuse.

Edit to add info: Apparently it was passed, but not yet implemented for the big bikes.

From WiKI:

Article 19 of the Freeway and Expressway Traffic Control Regulation (zh:高速公路及快速公路交通管制規則), effective on 1 July 2006, makes it officially possible to allow motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of more than 550 cc on certain expressways. On 29 June 2012 article 20 of the same was amended to permit the use of motorcycles over 250cc (i.e. yellow and red registration plates) on most expressways, as well as permitting the use of motorcycles over 550cc on freeways. Due to negative reactions from car drivers, police and local governments, the amendment permitting red-plate motorcycles on freeways has not been implemented on schedule [4]

Big bikes on freeways will be absolutely horrible, because lot of big bike riders behave like maniacs on highways already. On freeways they will overtake left and right at high speeds and the accidents they will cause will be horrific. I have nothing against big bikes in general, but there are just too many riders who disregard the law and don’t know how far the can go without endangering themselves and others. Just go to the Beiyi Highway between Xindian and Yilan or the highway from Muzha to Pingxi on a weekend and wait for 15 minutes. I am sure you will spot at least one a*hole or a bunch of them, riding too fast, overtaking where it’s not allowed, with engines that are way too loud to be legal. Law enforcement is not willing or capable of reigning these people in and it will only be 100 times worse on a freeway where they can go really really fast.

This edit fits just as well, yet cars are allowed on freeways. :2cents: