Google Maps Faded, No Contrast?

Has your Google Maps faded on the computer? I can hardly tell the difference between the streets and anything else. It’s been like this about a week since the did some kind of update.

It’s like the contrast is all out of adjustment. Everything else on computer is fine.

Yeah, I noticed this too. Really annoying, and hard on the eyes.

It’s almost like looking at a white screen. I can’t even use it. And the colors are ugly and unnatural. It doesn’t even look like a map.

Yep. can’t see a bloody thing on my monitor usually. I can’t even see the names of the streets… It’s not helpful.

I hope they don’t change the map on phones the same way. Here is my screenshot, compared to previous colors, can’t even see the streets.

Screen Map


I don’t like it either. Leave them a bad review in the App Store. If enough people complain they’ll undo it in a future update.

It’s totally unusable now. I can’t even see the difference between a road or anything else.

increase your screen contrast a bit.

Workaround, use Chrome desktop extension “High contrast”.

Can also change colors of any webpage.