Google Maps Route Tracking Timeline Change?

When I was actively using it, Google Maps was always tracking my route on my timeline including, speed and whether I was walking, riding bicycle, motor cycle or car.
I used it occasionally to provide my route, miles and speed.
Today, I needed the data and found it wasn’t tracking my route and I cannot find the controls to enable it.
If this service is no longer available, can you suggest an alternative one.
I liked the idea of it always track so I don’t have to run or enable anything. For my normal fitness and bicycle tracking, I use MiFit app.

It still works and it’s a fundamental tool in Google Maps. Make sure you have allowed it to use location which could be blocked I think in a couple of different settings.

It still knows if your driving or biking or walking or whatever

Try turning it on again:

  1. Google Maps app
  2. Tap Account Circle and then “Your Timeline”
  3. Tap More (the three dots at the top right corner) and then “Settings and privacy”.
  4. Make sure you see “Location is on.” If you don’t, tap “Location is off” and then turn on “Location”.
  5. Make sure you see “Location History is on.” If you don’t, tap “Location History is off” and then turn on “Location History”.

This should solve your issue.