Google Outage

Anyone else experiencing difficulties accessing google and services?

Damn. Now I can’t watch YouTube and have to spend time chatting with you…very nice people :wink:

:grin: I’m kidding, you guys are the best. Especially @mad_masala


It’s probably better this way.

If you haven’t already found out, Gmail, Calendar, Drive and everything else appears to be down as well - Maps work but are slooooow.

No no no. I wanna watch YouTube.

I was gonna add in a joke about google owning my life using a YouTube video, but it’s on YouTube…owned by Google!

Eh, I got other jokes. Chinese invasion?


Some people still can access. Weird.

It’s working fine for me. Maybe a phone thing?

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No, it’s a global problem, but some still have access.

The chosen ones.


I have the same problem. The weird thing is that youtube is still working and I can access it on some obscure browsers. Also, the windows I already had open for youtube continued working.

Gmail works fine at the moment. It seems to be a problem with google accounts rather than youtube.

It’s back for me.

They probably removed things they don’t want us to see while it was down.

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I’m on a desktop.

Working for me. Though Gmail says it is unable to access my contacts.

It’s working for me.

Location: Taipei City, Gongguan.


It’s back, now I can show my joke!

Drive, Maps, and YouTube seem to be working fine for me (from my phone, also in Gongguan).

I’m not crazy!

Probably the democrats and Big Tech stealing more voting records.

Ha … can’t believe I got a CBC alert for this. I know, it’s important, but imagine being told in 2005 that national news agencies would be sending out alerts announcing that an internet search engine was down.

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Down for me too in Daan. I use VPN on my wireless router but have the same issue on the Chunghwa modem.

Back up now.

They’re just testing the fit with the vaccine. Making sure the tracking works right.