Google Pixel phones in Taiwan?

That why I loved my Pixel 3. Frosted glass at the back. Loved that finish. Too bad it died on me during a typhoon…

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You’re gonna put a case on your phone so

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I always wondered this. If they put fragile covers on phones, it will just make you put a case over it, and in that case the cover is useless. Why not just put plastic/rubberized cover on phones that make them resistant to damage if dropped? Case adds thickness anyways.

TBH my iphone 13 my mom is making me use gets better battery life, and charges faster than my Pixel.

In 2026 Google’s Tensor chip is switching to TSMC, which I think will help things.


Those with pixel phones, has anyone actually managed to charge the phone and use wired earphones at the same time? I tried this once and as soon as the charge port receives power, it kills the sound. I saw on reddit that this is a known issue with pixels.

I don’t think you could beat iPhone for battery life.

I just went to check for you after digging out an old pair of wired earphones… and then realized that my phone doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Don’t we have the same phone, a Pixel 7? Are you using an adapter, or are you trying to use earphones that aren’t plugged in? :thinking:

No, I used an adapter. They make an adapter that includes a headphone jack and a second USB c port. If you plug that port into a charger, the headphone will instantly stop working. Reddit says it’s an issue specific to pixel. Supposedly the kind that has worked is the 2 wire kind.

Seems like a pretty useless adapter then, doesn’t it? :thinking:

Not much point using an adapter to allow both connections if one of them stops working when you plug it in…

Maybe it would work on other phones?

You’d think so wouldn’t you, otherwise it’d be really useless. That link I posted above had a suggested adapter, which suggests it’s at least possible.

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very curious about the new pixel fold.