Google today has Taiwan flag and election ballots


Problems with the new design

Why don’t I have it?


I just pull a new tab for Google search page or type into search bar and there it is. On both phone and the computer.

And computer has a share option so you can share the picture and web page to Facebook or other social media.


Chinese Communist Party toys out of pram in three, two…


its only in tw, use vpn and you won’t see it.


Tomorrow the Google doodle will be a rainbow flag at half-mast.



Only available to Taiwanese IP addresses. Wonder if China will ban Google when they see that.


Sadly, yes. The elderly were out today in droves.


I heard some of those questions they asked were rather craftily construed. For example, instead of asking.

“Do you agree with proposal X” They worded it, “Do you have any objection if the Government introduces proposal X”.

So if you actually object to the proposal and write “no” you are actually affirming consent.

They will be the most confused by the wording.


Oh… ballots , I didn’t read that correctly


They have banned google for a long time