Google trends

Type a topic in and check the results. A stunning marketing tool. I’ll bet it won’t be long before this is a pay to use facility.

I read about Google doing this a long time ago. Even before I came to Taiwan I think. They have the ability to predict (for example) where a new (music) artist will blow up next. I think they’ve already been charging people for this service. That’s a guess, but after I read about it, I assumed they must be charging someone something somewhere.

but google probably has the power to MAKE the next big artist if u know what i mean

i think any of the big music monsters have the power to make artists… bastards

Google Trends - now in simplified Chinese.

No traditional character support yet, but it’s interesting to see what PRC citizens are searching for, no?

My first enquiry didn’t go so well:

But search for “台湾” and there’s a huge peak in March 2004. Wonder what that could be about… :ponder: