Google/youtube redirecting my phone

This has been happening for many years on my phones. I usually buy 2 to 4 new phones a year as they dont stand up to working conditions. So i have gone through the brands, but not iphone. Otherwise my phone number and sim data had been used on all the major android system phone brands.

What is annoying is the psuedo censorship. It is different than advertising and spying on your data as it actually automatically makes a decision that i did not ok.

Although youtube isnt important in a meaningful sense, it is in a realistic sense given the country and date right now (elections). Normally i put on youtube when i am taking a shit (and dont need to write emails), having a shower and leave it on auto or im laying down and want to sleep and forget about work. Just now get home and do #2 and have a shower. Background noise autoplay type thing. but as it was playing it cut out to another video. This has been happening probably 2 or 3 times a day if it is taiwan/china political videos for a few years. I get why as my sim has some sensitive history i am sure. I also have background stuff running through my phone all day (aquarium, animal documentaries etc for at work and people can listen…not once they cut out)

Do other people notice small, not so important, redirects when they are using their phones or computers? It is annoying as it is so obvious but moreso cause it is a foreign company not a local one (youtube as one example).

I have a dedicated computer for security but frankly i don t want to jump the hoops on my phone just to watch random mind numbing BS while taking a crap. What options are there?

This video got redirected after about 10 secs to the second. Then got a lot of auto recomends for pro mr korea videos which seemed odd. But ya… I also noticed a difference in their suggestions amd redirects from pc to laptop to phone. And phone using mobile mode vs desktop. The another huge difference if IP isnt accurate and use vpn/other.

Auto play brought up this (watching a documentary on Yunnan province, nature/travel- awesome for toilet/shower background or office tv). Probably cause i had forumosa tab open at same time (so foreign connection)

Then redirected to this. This type of thing has happened hundreds of times over the years. Overwhelmingly the original video isnt praising china. Starting to REALLY dislike this lack of diligence in hiding propaganda.

It is making me wonder as they sometimes use both partys’ videos but it is very much leaning one direction. Smart.

Turn all tracking, smart ads, etc. off. Both through phone settings and Google account. Also add an adblocker. Works wonders.
The only downside is that Google is now really dumb keeps showing me the same shit over and over again. Maybe don’t go as far as I did, turn off a few and see how that works out.

So you mean video ads inside the videos? This has been a thing for a while. Before YouTube used to have an ad before the video. Now it will insert video ads in-between the content. Very annoying. You need to use a modified YouTube App like Vanced or use YouTube in Mobile Firefox Browser with uBlock Add-on to remove ads. … Or pay for YouTube Premium.

If you don’t mean ads then turn off Auto-play. It will otherwise play a similar video if your video queue ends.


Too much information! :angry:


I think you got it.
The second video was probably an ad placed in the middle of the first one.
Wait five seconds, click skip, and you’re back watching your video.

Thanks for the tips guys.

To clarify i am not talking about advertising. Generally i am fine accepting that if i am getting a free service. Annoying, yes. But beggars cant be choosers.

What i am really annoyed with is certain videos with content that may be seen as sensitive to certain groups gets redirected. I mean they reoad a whole bew web page (video) and skip what was currently playing. It isnt just ads and when the end of the video we watch autoplays to something irrelevant. Im ok with that. But if you watch a video that is obviosly sensitive to certain groups (in this instance china) and your web browser reloads a new webpage without asking…this seems pretty extreme, albeit soft extreme. This issue i am curious ifnit isnt server side?

Hehe. Sorry, sir. That was exactly the right amount of information.

Outside of ads which do something close to this on Youtube, I can’t even imagine this happening. I have no reason to disbelieve you personally, but I’m skeptical it might even happen. Is it possible you have some kind of virus? Though the idea of a virus designed to make your yuotube skip to new videos seems equally far-fetched.

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Ya i know…it is quite strange. I wouldnt have posted if it wasnt starting to annoy me though. Links above are what was in and what it skipped to. Happens probably once a week or so. Maybe more, i often leave it playing while working so not always listening.

Virus i guess is possible…but as you say. Thats pretty specific direction so i have doubts on that. But im not a tech guy.

Is it possible you’ve installed some kind of plug-in, extension, or app which is doing something you didn’t anticipate?

I cant say for certain if something was doenloaded without permission. But i am notmally pretty careful not to download anything app related. In fact, the only 3 apps i have ever downloaded are line, signal and a chinese translating app i forgot the name of that isnt on this phone but would be linked to this sim card.

By the way. After eating and my obligatory duece that followed it happened again watching a documentary on southern china mountains (beautiful!). Just thislasthalf hour. The page reloaded to something else. Didnt see what it was as phone dropped and battery came out. So no idea what the reload was. Had an advert in the beginning and phone dropped while trying to skip it. I am a clutz, that is no secret.

Maybe there are ghosts in my shitter?