Gordon Brown calls woman a bigot

Come on. Surely this is worth a look. It’s nearly as good as Prescott’s punch in 2001.


Could be the final end of Brown. Or could be utterly unpredictable.

Who knows? Maybe he was right. He’s certainly screwed up though. Hard to recover from that in the press.

I just saw his exit after apologising to the woman. That man couldn’t smile enough to cover his embarrassment.

Politician Lesson 1) Make sure your mic is off when you want to speak how you feel.

What a fool!

Whats the big deal?
The guy is allowed to have an opinion…isn’t he?

And, he could be right.

He’s a politician, and as such, should be accutely aware of any and all microphones. Especially with an an election looming.

Oh, come on! Cuntybaws is a has-been and he knows it. Even in the off-chance that the election will be anything other than a total kick in the face to the labour cunts, it CERTAINLY won’t be that utterly lackluster prick in charge. :unamused:
That ignominious fuck has never been elected. He doesn’t have an election in him and he and his handlers know it perfectly well.

John Hari, in the Independent, says that “Cameron is concealing his inner Bush”. He writes: “A leader describing himself as a ‘compassionate Conservative’ is on the brink of victory. He has shown his party has changed. He puts his black and Asian supporters out front. It is the year 2000, and his name is George W Bush. It’s no surprise to discover that George Osborne said in 2002 that ‘we have much to learn from Bush’s compassionate conservatism’.”

Jon Stewart spent a good chunk of last night’s show talking about this.

“It’s a tough job being prime minister, I know”

Doesn’t he look awful?

[quote=“fruitloop”]“It’s a tough job being prime minister, I know”

Doesn’t he look awful?[/quote]

[quote=“fruitloop”]“It’s a tough job being prime minister, I know”

Doesn’t he look awful?[/quote]

That’s just a bad picture in bad weather on a bad hair day. He looks much better like this:

See what a good sleep, a little touch up, and good lighting can do?

And a good actor!

Did anyone see the video with the lady he called a bigot speaking to Sky News lads? Gillian Duffy responds to Brown’s ‘bigoted woman’ comments. She reminds me a bit of my grandmother. Stout old woman quite taken aback by the “educated” PM.

just cuz she’s an old lady, doesn’t mean she isn’t a bigot. so what? other than being a major PR gaff at the wrong time of course. :laughing: