Gordon Ramsay sparks fury by shooting goat on his new TV show

Man kills pest, eats pest, snowflake gets offended.


Goat is a menu item in tons of Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants and no one cares. I suppose they think the food magically appears on their plate. They don’t want to consider the fact it has to die first. People are hypocrites.

Just read it. These articles are also the worst because they’ll quote literally TWO people and make it seem like it’s worldwide protests and/or boycotts… just like this one did. Utter bollocks. Ignore twitter, because there’s always going to be some rabble rousing on it anyway.


“Sweary” :rofl:

You’d think they’d try to come up with a better descriptor…

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What a bunch of f’ing retards the plebs are. What exactly do they think happens to Daisy the Cow before she becomes a Big Mac?

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Daisy lives and nice long happy life and dies of old age having signed a consent form to allow her dead remains to make Big Macs.

That’s what Big Ron told me anyway…


Probably fake

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That’s the power of the internet, or the curse?

I suddenly want roasted goat leg…


“Sweary” illicites roughly the same emotional response as “sentient”. WTF? I hope if anyone calls me “Sweary”, they at least have the good sense to call me “sweary as fu*k”.

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Yeah, I think only vegetarians/vegans have the right to be offended. Anyone else is being hypocritical.

A vegan lifestyle is friggin’ difficult. Every minute of every day you need to watch out you don’t wear, eat, drink or use anything made from animals or insects. But hey, plastics or OK, they just come from oil.

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lol Taiwan has a lot of vegan and also has a lot of ladies without hair in the head. We need meat.

You’re no better - getting your jimmies rustled because some snowflake got offended. Shake your head and move on.

Oil comes from the remains of plants AND animals.

If you ever meet a vegan annoy them by telling them avocados are off limits for them. Avocado growers exploit bees by bussing them in to do the pollination work.

Darn vegans!

Eating domesticallly raised animals is generally more ethicsl than killing wild ones.

Depends on how the animal is raised.

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Yeah I agree.

I’m actually quite sad about eating animals. I love animals. But they are food and they taste good. Animals eat animals. It’s the way of life.