GoShare electric scooter share in Taoyuan (and now Taipei)

sort of tried goshare earlier. well, my gf was riding and i was just on the back as i haven’t been able to register. the support doesn’t even work. nobody has even replied back. i’ll try again another day but so far its been a fail.

the bike seems pretty great though, very smooth. feels like a huge upgrade from the bikes that wemo use.
they don’t have any ride plans yet, not sure if they are going to add that. hopefully so, it kind of stops you from being able to park it and come back to it later without that option.
the battery swapping feature is awesome.

The in app chat support is probably just Monday to Friday during work hours.

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yea its been hard to get any response at any time. finally i got a good time where there was no people in the que and…the staff just didn’t reply. i’m going to email instead.

I used GoShare for the entire month of October, mostly as a trial run to determine if I want to buy a Gogoro. I do have my own gas-powered scooter which I might have used twice during the month. Here’s a breakdown:

Number of times rented: 51
Total amount spent: $1,598
Average cost per rental: $31.3

I probably saved about $400 on gasoline. I also saved on maintenance and wear on my own scooter.
That above savings is offset by the cost of my parking space at work, $300/month, which went unused (can’t park GoShare there).

So, if I bought a new Gogoro (assuming a price of $60,000 after the rebates) it would take 3 years to pay for at my GoShare usage of $1,600/month. And that doesn’t include the monthly cost of the battery plan.

So, I feel the $1,600 was worth it to try out Gogoro. Plus, I get to drive a new scooter–and pat myself on the back for being green :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I tried WeMo in Taipei for the first time on Sunday. It works pretty much like GoShare. The scooters are smaller and less powerful, but they still worked fine. By the way, GoShare has added their new Viva model in the mix of rentals, which are very much like the WeMo bikes.

Comparisons: I like that WeMo has various usage plans in addition to the per minute charge. I don’t like that the seat compartment can only be opened using your phone. I like that the helmets have visors, but the GoShare’s helmets seem stronger and safer. I like that you can replace the GoShare’s batteries at any Gogoro station; for WeMo you must park the bike and try to get another if the battery is too low.


they won’t accept my APRC :frowning:

how did you contact support?

i - button > support chat

Just tell them you have APRC and they need to verify your ID manually.


Success! Thnannk you

Update: The first six minutes free is no longer. As of Jan. 1st, the first six minutes costs $15NT and every minute thereafter is $2.5NT.

This morning I rented a GoShare and while riding I discovered that one mirror bracket wouldn’t stay put, like the screw threads were stripped. When I completed my ride I used Issue Report on the app. Within 30 minutes I got an email acknowledgement with “We will report the vehicle condition to relevant units for processing.”

I’m still impressed with Gogoro :motor_scooter:

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I counted six goshare bikes around my office now. It’s picking up usage :grin:.

Imagine if the idiots that run this city actually promoted electric over petrol motor scooters…

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