Gossip on 美河市 (MeiHas building) in Xiaobitan

That’s because I don’t like it. There’s a difference between not liking it and there being something wrong with it. I’m sure there are many people, apparently including yourself, who are happy to live there.

I looked at a number of apartments there in the past, at the plan stage, during and after construction. Didn’t like them, didn’t and still don’t like the location and it’s limitations. Given the subsequent revelations and the construction going on just down the road I’m glad I didn’t purchase. A friend lived there for 6 months and them left as it wasn’t convenient for him.

As before, if you’re happy living there that’s fine, continue to enjoy.

I live near there. It’s a nice area I think. As said the riverside park is a short walk, there are restaurants in walking distance. There is the Q square that’s opened that has a lot of choice to eat. Loads of cafes on or around Zhongyang road. The walkway to the riverside park would be perfect if there were a couple of cafes opened.


Your previous post listed 6 negative points re. Meihas and now you’re saying you didn’t say there was anything wrong with it?? Strange logic.

Which limitations are those?

Which revelations are those?
Thank you for your kind wishes regarding my future happiness.

You’re struggling now, SuperS. :wink:

The construction going on down the road is further away than the riverside park too. There is also the Bitan area that has a lot of places to eat and drink and is quite vibrant in summer evenings ( not this year ).

The issue is when that construction is finished there’ll be a hug population increase adding to the already bad traffic in the area.

It’s a fair hike from MeiHas to the Bitan area! The XiaoBitan MRT only goes back and forth to QiZhang station.

In Jong Yang road? Do you ever drive there? It’s no worse than any other place in Taipei/New Taipei.

What on earth are you talking about? It’s a 2.2 km stroll along the river from here. Check Google map. I think you’re getting Meihas mixed up with some other place.

Is this how you guys romanize street names in Xinbei?

It looks more like something I’d see in Kaohsiung.



Yea it’s a very decent area that has only improved through the years.

This is really common in Taiwan. The landlords will rent out a dirty place that has been never been cleaned since the last tenant. Dirty windows, bathrooms, kitchens. Lots of broken bits and pieces including aircons or no aircons. It seems lots of Taiwanese are okay with that and will live in semi squalor. Taipei is the worst due to older housing and competition for housing.

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I can’t believe it every time I go to see a place. The first place I moved in to was a bit dirty, but I thought to myself that of course they would clean before we moved in. I asked the landlord if they would and he said “of course of course”.

Turns out that just meant him going through the place with a duster for about 15 minutes LOL

We later found a dead roach INSIDE the bidet (among other things)


I wouldn’t call it a hike. Maybe a 15 minute walk by the river. I’ve lived off Zhongyang Road for 9 years now. The traffic is nothing close to many areas of Taipei or New Taipei ( Zhonghe banqiao etc have much much heavier traffic ). When the ikea opened there was terrible traffic for 2 weeks, but now it’s back to normal.