Got a stinking cold :(

Nose is completely blocked, sore throat like you wouldn’t believe and signs of a cough developing. I’m not a happy teddy.

What do you do when you get a stinker?
Roll up into a ball under a duvet? Soldier on like a “Mucus Martyr”?
Whine about it to anyone who will listen? (that one’s me) See a doctor? Buy a shitload of pills and potions frmo the chemist? Concoct your own magic recipe at home (chicken soup and the like)?

How come chemists here don’t have tasty medicines in bottles? :s The stuff they do have come in packets, tastes awful and very often doesn’t work at all. In UK when you get a bad cough for example you can get any number of soothing and yummy medicines like Benalyn and Tixylix to suit your type of cough/sore throat. You can feel it starting to work right away. In Taiwan you just take a pill and drink warm water. It sucks! As for Lemsips, or somehting similar, they 've never heard of 'em. :cry:

Actually, I think I get colds much less frequently in Taiwan. I went to UK recetnly and was struck by how many people were coughing all the time. Well, I’ll stop rambling now. :woodstock:

There is something similar to Lemsip now, There didn’t use to for a long time. Have a look in Watson’s for a green-ish box, I forgot the name, panadol or something, it’s virtual identical.

'bout bloody time - thanks fluff. :slight_smile:

Stay off the sauce if you’re taking panadol or you might fuck your liver.

I’d rather not fuck my liver. I don’t think It would reach anyway. Arf Arf
I know from experience that alcohol and colds do not make a good combo. Early night for me. Been having the weirdest dreams as well.

Somewhat related… hope you don’t mind if I hijack your topic. I’ve just started doing voice recording/singing (yippee!) but I get a lot of colds so I’m worried about what to do to 1) take care of my throat/voice, and 2) clear my throat when I do catch a bug and have a job to do.

My old choir director used to ask us to keep from having any sugar before we had to sing, and also to drink some kind of ginger concoction (drink ginger tea? gargle with it? i dunno). Any tips?

Don’t those fattie opera singers take a nip of something strong like brandy before belting out a few numbers? Supposed to relax the vocal wotsits or something. Milk is definitely a no-no before singing. Makes your breath smelly as well.

Bad throught? Gargle with salt water. It’s disgusting, but really helps. For your blocked nose? Cut up an onion and but it in your bedroom during the night.

Chemicals usually just supress your symptoms and don’t help to cure your flu. So unless you have something really important to do, I would strongly recommend not to take any chemicals like panadol or contact, cause your flu will come back sooner or later again.

Hope you feel better soon…