Got a vid cam, a few ideas, and some time to play? Me, too

Hey there.

If you have a cam and you just like filming… GREAT.
If you don’t have a cam but you like editing on your PC… wicked!
If you have some ideas for a film and want to share it… bring it.
If you are a couch potato with a good sense of humor… YES.

I’ve been making short films for a number of years now. It’s fun, rewarding, and keeps my creative juices flowing.

A couple years ago I joined a group of 12 or so people in Taichung that’d meet once every couple weeks to make films. Now, I want to startup something like that in Taipei.

Here’s how it worked.

First, We’d all write down an idea (hopefully a one-pager) for a short film out of our heads on a piece of paper and lay it down on the floor face down.

Second, we’d group into fours (depending on how many people were there). We’d make sure that there’d be one person that wanted to direct, film, or act.

Third, each group would get to choose from one of the script/screenplays that were created that night and shoot it THAT NIGHT.

The next morning, We’d give all the tapes to the head cheese that could edit on a PC. I can do that but the workload would be heavy (if anyone wants to learn how to do that, please contact me).

It was sort of a short film scavenger hunt.

When the films were finished being edited, we’d all gather to watch them.

It’s funny to see the look on the writer’s face when they see that hack-job that started in his/her mind and then passed through the different hands of a production.

PLEASE reply with an email or post so we can get it going again.

I live close to Taipei now so I can meet anywhere anytime for a beer/tea if you’re interested.

If you’re interested in learning about some of the festivals I know about you can search and check out their film fest section.

Oh yeah! If you already have something going or you know of another group that’s doing stuff, drop it on me.

Thanks. I can’t wait to hear from anyone interested.


would any of the videographers frequenting this forum be interested in making a vid of the Blues Bash on Sat, Nov 5th?
Ideally, it would be great to have at least 3 cameras working the day-long event.
Anybody really into editing?
The BSoT is a volunteer org but there might be some dosh for expenses. Might be, but don’t count on it.
Contact DC Rapier

Hey Kelley,

This is actually a pretty coincedental post. A few weeks ago, I purchased a little canon DV Camcorder. It’s really small and I think it works great. I have recently just been filming everyday stuff that I see, and then playing around with the footage in Adobe Premiere 1.5. I haven’t edited alot of videos before, but there are some pretty cool totourials and stuff to help me learn the program very well.

The other cool thing is, that I live in Taoyuan, and you live in Longtan (i think)
Nice and close. I bought a car a few months ago just for fun and it’s great. Slowly my chinese is getting better and better to, so lots of options for filming anywhere!

My email address is

Let me know what you think and if you want to get together sometime.

Talk to ya soon.


Hi guys,

So I just moved here to Longtan in September. I was working (freelancing) in filmproduction back in Austria (using Digibeta, miniDV, also some Cutting) but I dont have tools or Camera here. But I had pretty fun with this things back in Austria.
So would be cool to do something like this once a while.

Besides it seems there are some guys close by, so meeting sometimes for beer/tea/coffee seems anyway a good idea.

Let me know if you are interested or how we can meet. I also have a car and a scooter (both old, small and just owned by my wife or my father-in-law, but they work :wink:


Now we’re getting somewhere. I never dreamed this could happen outside of Taipei. Maybe we could meet (half way) in Zhong Li for a meet and greet.

I work weekdays until 5pm and I’m wide open after that.

I think the next step would be to start telling friends that this could happen so they could have a chance to be at the meeting when we make the time and place.

I have a couple cams so I can lend one out while we work on projects. Dustin, did you say you’re using Premiere 1.5??? Man, I can shoot you a copy of Premiere Pro 7 anytime you like.

Do you guys have time to meet this week sometime?

If you want to add me to Messanger, I’m

So ok if you tell me were to go in Zhong Li and so on shouldn’t be a problem even if I have not yet been there…

I added you to my Messenger, mine is

I don’t have fixed working times, so I am quite free to go. (More or less :wink:

Let me know how to go on…

Hey All,

Let me know when you want to get together. A good place in Zhongli might be Summertime. (Next to the river). I like it cause it’s a little more chill, and can usually score cheaper beer. I work everyday till 630MWF and 530TT. Study Chinese on Tues and Thurs@9(I could meet before 9), and play hockey in Bancio on Wed. Mon,Fri,Sat,Sun work best for me, but I’m flexible.

I think Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 is the newest one. I don’t know why it’s called that. It better be good, cause it sells right now for 700 bux US.

My friends and I have been talking about doing this for a while, so hopefully I can round up some people to come with me that night.
my MSN is, and my phone number is 09 55442726.

Contact me and let me know whats up.

Talk to ya soon


OK. We’re going to meet at Summertime ( it’s a pub near sogo and next door to “The River Bar” in Zhong Li) at 8pm this Monday Nov 7th.

You can bring anything or anyone you like. I might bring a couple films I’ve made. Bring a notebook, some crap you’d like to show, a pencil and paper, and your camera if you have one.

I hope the first meeting goes something like this:

-We all meet and do the “hey, how’s it goin’”? thing.
-Then we sit down and write down a script/idea of a movie we’d each like to make.
Put them in a pile with no names on them and I’ll read them out loud for everyone to talk about.
-We talk about it and decide on a couple projects to chew on.
-After that, we can view the stuff we’ve already made in the past.

How does that sound?

8pm at Summertime Pub in Zhong Li.

See ya there.


P.S - If you now anyone that can fuckin rip on a scooter, bring them!

Sounds good,

I’ll bring my camera, my laptop and my thoughts. And hopefully a couple friends.

Have a great weekend. Weather should be good!

See yall there.

09 55442726

Camera mounts are the most important tools (in my opinion) for getting a steady and creative shot.

If you have any ideas or you have some special gear that you bought or made, bring that too.

See ya tonight.


You guys gotta do something like this guy in Japan.

That was a dope post :bravo: , snot muncher!

OK. The meeting this week will be 9pm in Taoyuan.

Dustin, can you post a map to the place in Taoyuan?

Anyone that wants to come out, email me or call me.

Hey there.

This Saturday morning, a group of us are going to shoot a film called “Gun It”. It’s going to have a lot of action and highspeed scooter scenes.

If anybody wants to come out and learn/help/get drunk that’s fine by me.

We’re meeting in Taoyuan at 9am but we’ll be goin for the better part of the day. We have three or 4 vid cams, the more the marrier though.

Film locations include:

fuel station
some poor sucker’s house
rice field
day market

If you know of any interesting sites in Taoyuan/Nankan feel free to give us a shout.

Kelley 093135732

Hey guys,
New to the forum. Do you guys still meet? Just moved back here. Hope you guys still meet


This thread is ancient! I’ve left Taiwan about 5 years ago.

Dustin and I did meet and we created these films.

Hope you like them. … re=related … re=related