Got a virus... need a little help!


Can’t seem to get rid of this virus… AVG has identified it but can’t remove it, and I’m having trouble even finding it… Could someone please help?

Here’s what the message said:

C:\ System Volume Information_restore{36A9A5AC-3E82-4FBD-B48A-38C28E553C00}\RP454\A005661.exe

What should I do next?


The Big Babou

Does the virus have a name? That doesn’t look like a virus name. Have you tried some of the free online virus scanners. I found that these can remove many viruses. … ncipal.htm … &venid=sym

The best place to get answers for computer problems is
No doubt, thank me later!

It is a hidden directory, you can’t access it. Here is link to help you to get rid of virus: … _id=104974

I do not have Windows machine to test out. If it does not work, you just need to search on Google with keywords “virus” and “C:\System Volume Information_restore”


I’m still trying to delete the little bugger… but it’s not so easy. Have so far tried 2 antivirus programs, and will keep trying more until it does the job.

Here’s the complete message regarding the virus:

Trojan horse Downloader.Istbar.M
is found in file
C:\ System Volume Information_restore{36A9A5AC-3E82-4FBD-B48A-38C28E553C00}\RP454\A005661.exe


The Big Babou

Your Anti-Virus software does not have enough rights to delete the files from the system volume Information directory.

You can either temporarily remove this directory by following instruction of the link I sent you before or change the access rights: … -us;309531

I will suggest you try the first method because it is easier and safer.


Even if the Trojan is there it doesnt mean that it’s cousing any real problem. A trojan is just a basic program that can allow an outside user access to your computer. Most of the time the person who created it has long since forgotten it even exists. If it’s not cousing you any problems other than flashing your antivirus, then set your AV to just quarentine it… Crisis avoided. If there ever really was one. If its in your restore it’ll more than likely not be accessed on any regular interval.

My suggestion is not constructive, but it is from the heart.

[color=red]Get an iMac.[/color]

[quote=“Quirky”]My suggestion is not constructive, but it is from the heart.

[color=red]Get an iMac.[/color]

Here we go again: The Macs don’t get viruses myth. They do, and they may be more at risk because of user’s unwarranted complacency. Have a look on the Web, or buy this:

Thanks to those who have offered their suggestions. Ok, and thanks too, for the tip about the Mac, although it didn’t do much about the virus on my computer…

Here’s what I’ve done:

Firstly followed Closet Queen’s advice and tried a couple of the online virus scanners… but nothing was initially detected.

Then, I followed Stevieboy’s suggestion and checked out the support centre… Sorry mate, but I won’t be thanking you later, as it dodn’t offer anything that could have helped.

Chialintsai’s tip was next. I went to the control panel, then system settings, and disabled restore. After I restarted the computer,
I tried the online virus scanners that Closet Queen had suggested, and killed at least one virus, though it wasn’t in the same location as the original virus.

Then, I went back and re-enabled the restore. Since then, I’ve had no more virus warnings. So, the news is good, but my computer now seems to be running a little slower than before. Any more tips?

Posted in the wrong thread. Ignore me, I am but a fool.


The virus has just returned…

Any more tips?

Here’s what I did once.

Partition your hard drive if it’s not already. Copy all your files to one partition. Reformat the other. Reload windows. Move your files back to that one. Reformat the other partition. reload all your software.

Worked for me.


What version of Windows ?

boot the PC in Safe mode and then try a good AV

It’s Windows XP.

I would simply back your key files onto disk and reformat your hard drive.You’ll need.
1.Drivers for you mothreboard, graphics card, sound card etc.
2 A copy of Windows (Xp is probably regarded as best).

Once you have these things you can reformat your hard drive every six months or so and keep your system in peak shape.

I find I encounter problems like the ones you’re having about once or twice a year.Most people do and never really get the machine working again as well as it once did.A clean start is what most machines need every once in a while.

A decent anti virus program helps, keep it updated though and also take a look at something like ‘Spybot’ to keep nasty cookies and ad-ware at bay.

Good luck.