Got any tattoos?

Hi, I just got a new one…do you have any? Where did you get them done? I swore that I would never get Chinese characters…but I like the font…got it at Hsimen.



A dragon on my left arm which I shouldn’t have put on my body. Hoping to get it redone one day.

The word “NEMESIS” tattooed down my right tricep.

I also got this…silly because now I can’t really put anything else there…


A tribal band on my left bicep whick I regret. :s

I have one full sleeve which extends to cover my shoulder, back and chest, left side only.

No regrets as I just keep adding to it.

Do you get any problems at work with it? It’s good if you get something you can change or add on to. I also have one on my arm that I regret a little bit, only because the guy wasn’t very good…but I never see it so it’s ok:)

Chinese proverb around my right bicep. Love it and thinking of adding to it.

Both arms have short sleeves that go up to my shoulders, which you can’t really see if I wear a T shirt.
Also have my blood type on the inside elbow, something lots of Army lads tend to do.

Battery9, what do the caracters on your arms mean?


one is kan sjou which means ‘guard’ and the other one is dz which means ‘words’

i can talk a lot of crap