Got comics? Get 'em here

(This might be the wrong thread…oops)

I’ll be landing in Taipei on 2nd September. As it stands, I’m pretty strapped for cash (who isn’t?). It seems that some of you are dying for some sweet picture books. Well, as I’m selling my collection as it is, I was thinking of bringing some with me for extra cash (only graphic novels I’m afraid; singles migh get damaged). PM me if interested, and soon as the rest goes on ebay.

A little taste of the delights…

Lots of the best stuff by the best British writers like Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman (stuff like Preacher, Watchmen, Sandman, Transmetropolitan etc).

Alex Ross stuff (Marvels, Kingdom Come, Uncle Sam and more)

Frank Miller (Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns and more!)

Hate (the best indie series EVER!)

And more mainstream stuff - Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse ad infinitum

Plus, if the TPB says US$15, it goes for that much. All are mint/near mint.

Good luck!