Got fired can I go back to my student visa?

So my boss just fired me today, no real reason given in fact she didn’t even use the word fired just " we are not continuing your contract because you don’t want to work full time for us". I didn’t point out that I wasn’t on a contract. They will be paying me until the end of July and during that time I will train my replacement and of course look for a new job.

Before I took this job I had a student visa through NTNU, I am still attending NTNU so I am wondering can I go back to my student visa status ? My boss says yes but I don’t think she really knows.

Also once your company reports that you are no longer employed there how long do you have to find a new job ? my boss says I have 2 months again not so sure about her info.

Depends on when the boss actually reports the end of your ARC with them (i.e., effective date of your, um, non-firing.) But I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut it isn’t two months. Used to be 7 days, right?

I assume it should be possible to switch back to a student visa, or at least go back onto a visitor visa taking classes and then trade back up to a student visa. They may not count your time on a work visa as continuing the student visa so they may make you start again. I don’t really know – maybe someone with experience in this regard can provide better information.

On the one point you are 100% correct – I doubt your boss knows anything about the whole thing. You are well advised to ask (and ask again to make sure) at the appropriate government offices.

Just in case anyone runs into this issue again, I checked with BoCA since they canceled the student visa when they granted me the ARC I have to go outside of Taiwan and re-apply for the student visa again. Apparently while you can go from a student visa to an ARC you can not do the reverse.