Got Horns?

The learned scholars over at the Judicial Yuan actually held an all day conference about a month ago on the topic of:
Is oral sex, sex?

What a great legal seminar topc! I was heartbroken I didn’t get invited. I just get invited to the dull ones about human rights, probable cause and other sleep inducing topics.

The conclusion of the aging hacks that make up the top leval of the Judicial Yuan was oral sex is not sex!

But adultery is still a crime. Go figure.

The whole thing reminds me of the Great Billy (Blowjob) Clinton defense of “it depends on what the meaning of “is”, is”.

And they say Taiwan’s legal system is immature. No…

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Why this thread didn’t have any replies?


Maybe they were all flamed?

Or its title was not good enough.

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How about:

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We should ask him in that case, and sadly he will be quite difficult to contact.

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sounds like I should just call it a night, then

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The proper reference to the Clinton impeachment should be his claim that “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” (if you define a blowjob as not meeting the definition of ‘sexual relations’).

18 years later , oh I wish I could time travel.

I think you wanted to gravedig it so you can change the tag to gravedig.



This is aligned with your save @tango42’s zeroreply threads project.

Yesh, well, it’s a bit unfortunate to call this a gravedig. Brian is no longer with us. In fact, both the well-known Brian Kennedys of Taiwan are no longer with us.

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Both vs. Neither - DAILY WRITING TIPS

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Neither of them is with us no more.

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