Got JFRV, can I renew ARC after it expires?

I have a JFRV and ARC. If I don’t get a new ARC while out of Taiwan it will just expire, but my JFRV is forever? I only applied for a JFRV once with all the paperwork and the ARC is just a formality every 3 years.

If I let my ARC expire, do I still have the option of reacquiring it years down the road without hassle? I know I’ll have to get back on the household registry, but that’s easy enough.

Your visa will expire, I’m pretty sure, if you’re of the rock long enough. I applied for two different JFRVs because the first one expired when I was gone for more than six months. I don’t KNOW, but I think, that an APRC is different. I think that you likely qualify for the APRC by now, Fluf, and if you went ahead and got one before you left, then you wouldn’t even need the JFRV any longer. I’m not sure what it would mean to be off the rock for six months on an APRC, but I bet you could tell them if you plan to be gone that long and they could give you some sort of extension or something?

This is stuff off the top of my head and maybe not very useful, but it’s a place to start thinking, maybe! Trying to be helpful. Good luck to you!

You have to do the whole circus again … go to your home country, apply for all the papers, have them notarized, translated if needed and TECO approved, stamped … medical … yes my friend, that’s life … :ohreally:

[quote=“housecat”]I applied for two different JFRVs because the first one expired when I was gone for more than six months.[/quote]That answers my question. Ta muchly. I didn’t know that JFRVs can expire.
I don’t want a PARC, even when I was living here. Now I’m leaving a PARC would definitely expire after not spending six months here. A 3 month visitor visa will suffice.

JFRVs can expire? Only if one misses the 3 year renewal date whilst out of the country, surely?

EDIT: I think I get it. The JFRV is cancelled 6 months after failure to renew the ARC, yes? I didn’t know that.