Got me a virus or something

Don’t know how but I have. Now I have an annoying flashing thing in my taskbar that periodically gives a little dialogue bubble telling me I have spyware and that I should click on the flashing icon to get rid of it.
When I do that, however, it takes me to a web page for something called “Adspy” which I’m supposed to pay for.
Is there something I can do to get rid of it?

Don’t post here, you might spreading the disease :laughing: :wink:

Ok found this on the web

Yeah, that’s what it is all right. How can I get rid of it?

No idea … or try this maybe

manual for hitman pro 2

Thanks belgian pie, but surely there must be something in English? I’ll be starting to like tulips and gouda if install that!

Sounds like some kind of adware has downloaded to your computer. There are various adware removal programs available - Adaware is one that comes to mind.

I would do a search for any file or folder containing the string “adspy”. If you find something, delete it if possible. If not, get an adware removal program.

That wouldn’t be too bad … would it?

Download and install two different programs.

First SpyBot S&D

Second the free version of Adaware

Both of these programs are exactly what you need. It is recommended to restart your computer in safe-mode and then run these programs.

Well, thanks everyone. I’ll try thegoats advice tomorrow – I’ve at least heard of those programs. How do I restart my computer in safe mode?

While booting push one of the function keys F8, F10 or so … forgot which one, sorry.

Put a condom over te screen and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NO surf to tittiporn sites anymore ! (certainly not the ones you by accident visited today while searching for legal MP3 downloads) :moon:

Put a condom over te screen and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NO surf to tittiporn sites anymore ! (certainly not the ones you by accident visited today while searching for legal MP3 downloads) :moon:[/quote]
I regret to say that I strongly believe the nasty thing came through clicking on a link in a fellow Forumosan’s signature (who shall remain nameless to spare his blushes).
As I only have computer access at my office with three xiaojies sitting behind me, I’m blissfully unaware of these so-called tittiporn sites of which you speak.

My wifes machine got the same thing a few weeks ago. I tried Sypbot S&D and Adaware and both detected it but niether removed it. I ended up reinstalling windows.
My favorite anti-virus software is Linux. Still haven’t got anything on my linux box.

Maybe you could try a live cd for internet surfing.

eliminated a persistant adware called winfixer recently with a program called “hijackthis” ad-aware etc were unable to remove it. it’s hands-on though, you have to follow step-by-step instructions to remove your specific virus. in my case i found these on the web.

Wow! That one is NASTY!!!

My advice for the future is to use Firefox instead of IE (Assuming you’re going to keep using Windows). I haven’t had any nasty spyware or viruses since I started using it over a year ago (and I’ve been to some pretty dodgy sites (for research purposes, you understand)).
Latest download can be found here:

As for removing the thing you have now, it might be worth installing Windows’ own anti-spyware software (as well as Spybot S&D and Adaware). It can be downloaded from here:
(Probably better to NOT download it from “Author’s Site”, btw)

The strange thing is, I’m using firefox and have been for ages. I think what happened was that I was stupid enough to agree to download a video codec so I could view one of those motorcycle videos and the thingy was inside that.
Oh well, I’m downloading Irishstu’s suggestion now so I’[ll see how it goes and if it doesn’t work I’ll get the sys admin guy to reinstall Windows next week when I go on holiday.

“motorcycle” video. WHAT-EVER :stuck_out_tongue: