Got scammed by a kiosk, what are my options?

VAT is 5% on iPhone and iPad. The Apple Taiwan website discloses the VAT separately before you add items to the cart.

Is it Asea by any chance?? But their stuff don’t cost 20,000nt.

That’s why this experience stuck to me. It was unpleasant and frankly odd.


I believe the foreigner salesperson was working illegally without a visa (said they got stuck here due to covid), I wonder if I should report them and get a cop to stop by and check their work permit.

Yeah, report them. Might as well go for it.

I’d also see if you can complain directly to the mall–surely they won’t want customers getting scammed by, I’m guessing, pop-up kiosks.

Have you ever heard the saying “a fool and his money are soon parted”? Who goes for a casual stroll in a mall and ends up giving some shady, random kiosk girl almost a thousand USD on questionable skin care products from a brand you’re not even familiar with?


Good reflection. I just wanted to add that my wife’s friend does this job. I was shocked to learn how much money they make, mostly from commission. She makes at least 80,000ntd/ month. Anyways their job is to sell, many are good at it

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I’ve noticed a lot of foreigners forcibly (pushing, begging, using mind games, etc.) selling cologne and perfume and whatever related in malls, on streets in front of branded shops, and in night markets.

Across from Sogo in Taipei.

Shangri-la Mall Taipei.

In Taichung Fengjia night market.

It’s a new rip-off people scam pathway. Hope it gets stopped.

I’m tired of being accosted, and as a foreigner being associated with such people.


If you have been victim of these kind of scams you can call the 1950 consumer service hotline for consultation, or check website of the Consumer Protection Association of the Executive Yuan.


And if they find out it was you… and it turns out they weren’t working illegally…since it’s very plausible that one can have a JFRV or APRC.

You might have a legal problem on your hands if you do it incorrectly.

Do they still do that? It’s a very handy service. I remember buying a MacBook from Nova in Hsinchu and loading it up with the entire Adobe creative suites.

They’ve done it with both MacBooks that I have purchased in Taiwan. I was shopping for another last year and the retailer said they could do it.

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Are they legitimate versions?

I avoid these people like the plague. I avoided a guy near the Mitsukoshi and he yelled at me as I skirted past him.

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I hope you don’t try to buy a new car in Taiwan then compare prices with a US Dealership website and try to return cause its less in the US

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VAT is VAT (value added tax) is 5% for anything, Taiwan has no ‘Sales Tax’. Import duty (depending on HS code) can be anything from 0% to 45% (fruit, sugar and derivatives there of), electronics mostly is from 3% to 8-10%, could be 15% for some. VAT and import duty is calculated on cost+insurance+shipping. Some countries have a preferential treatment of lower or no import duty, some based on a quota.