Got these Fresh Olives, on the twigs? What can I do?

I got these fresh olives and they are going to end up being a Taiwanese flavored Olive Salad. Is it possible that I could rescue some of them and make western style olives? Making western style olives seem like a big production.

Has anyone ever did anything with fresh olives. My wife was going to prepare it but we are so busy the olives are beginning to turn bad. … 07651.html

The darn things went bad… All in the garbage… What a sin… What a waste…

These were apparently green olives that grew in a my wife’s colleague’s yard.
Those curing recipies didn’t seem to hard. Thanks Jimmi.
Should I be lucky enough to get a batch, I’ll try the recipie. In the mean time… People here are searching for a decent olive bar according to the other posts…
Has anyone had time to home cure their own olives. Share the results here please.