Goth/punk subculture in Taipei?

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Does anyone know if there is any goth, punk, industrial, generally dark etc subculture alive and well in Taiwan? Specifically Taipei? I’m thinking along the lines of clothing stores, record shops, novelty shops, clubs, bars or venues and the like.

If anyone has any info, go ahead and pass it my way ! I’ll be touching down in November, can’t wait to see you all there.

Big culture of avoiding sun and keeping skin as white as a ghost.

Sometime see Cosplay dressing Goth but not a realy culture.

I only see real Goth mostly only at night at certain clubs and music events.

dressing all in black is what all the hip kids here do. black shoes, black shorts, black t shirt. white socks. dunno if thats goth tho.

Music and clubs wise? Punk yes. Goth, industrial and other dark: Almost non-existent I’m afraid. Darkest I’ve seen is death and other extreme metal, very nice bands and fans. I’d love to be proven wrong though, I’m missing it.

Clothing wise: luckily a lot of dark-ish trends, styles and accessories seem to be quite popular here. Some BDSMish things like leather chokers with rings even. Mostly seen as fashionable though I guess, not really connected to any dark music or lifestyle.

We’ll, once you’re here we’re at least 2 in Taipei interested in dark music. Maybe the start of a wonderful subculture trend here :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, we will have to bring with us a goth revival! I would love some Taiwanese darkwave, haha. Do you know of any clubs/bars that have punk shows or whatnot?

For live Punk, I guess Revolver is the best place:

If I recall correctly, we even have some punk band members on Forumosa… maybe someone can give some more / better suggestions?

Go check out this club/music venue/practice location in Ximenting. They have shows there and at The Wall. or

It’s Death Metal dark everything from Euro to Japan to USA with upcoming shows like and Goth-ish band


and even some Baby Metal types

Report back please.

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