Gotye in Taipei

Since his video (below) has had over 344 million views on Youtube, I figure it’ll appeal to a few folks here.

AFAIK Kimbra (the lovely kiwi lass in the video) won’t be coming.

Do you know if his girlfriend, Tash Parker is going to be there with him?

Does she often tour with him? Doesn’t look like she’s done any gigs in a while.

anyone I can go with? make new friends :smiley:D

Thanks for the link, I just missed him on 11/8 in Frankfurt (came back to Taiwan 11/1), great to have another chance. Bought the tickets already :slight_smile:

Is he the guy who sings that song that I used to know?

I prefer ma and pa shop style gotye over a chain restaurant like Overseas Dragon or Ba Fan Yung Ji. Gotye is one of my favorite foods in Taiwan.

Hahah I might have to steal that one.

I noticed a lot of older people have Gotye.