Any sufferers out there,and what have you done to overcome and avoid it ?I have it now in my ankle,it hurts like blazes,and I think I know why(too much coffee and a family history of gout). I have avoided the other problem foods(seafood,beer(oh no) etc) so coffee is my last vice(that which I am prepared to admit to)
Thoughts ?
Much appreciated.

yup got it too! had it for 3-5 years misdiagnosed back in Canada (even when i told them my famliy has a history of it):roll: and diagnosed instantly in Taiwan:lol: . Ive tied changing diet even with atkins, abstaining food groups, and have found a few foods that trigger it (almonds, other nuts). But for the majority it comes when it wants. Just started meds (daily) to control it…if i miss a day the pain creeeps back after 2 days its 80% back. Take a dose and the pain is gone in 8-12 hours. regaurdless of foods. I am not oneto jump right into taking meds everyday but it has given me a piece of my life backwhen the natural way didnt seem to work.

I’ve been curious about this too. A friend has it and he just avoids some foods.

I think traditional chinese medicine can help.

I’ve also never read about gout, brain chemicals, and if there’s any psychological reasons for gout.

Some foods are Gout forming( beer,seafoodetc etc )
Apart from treating the immediate problem with drugs, I firmly believe in adjusting to an Alkaline diet, which has other benefits as well.
Unfortunately you have to give up so many vices, or limit them.
Or else, if you do eat something acid forming, you have to dilute the acid with water immediately, or counteract the acid with an alkali, like fruit juice etc.
It takes a lot of discipline.
But then, Gout is severely limiting(like Arthritis) and Kidney problem(stones) are no joke.