Government gangsterism in general

Surely you see anyone from the outside looking in sees how absurd that is!

Computers automatically pass out fines and fees, many being errors.

Owners of computer system not willing to hire enough people to solve serious issues with said computer system.

Said owners also unwilling to handle customer service norms which arise from said unwillingness to fix what seems like a scam to begin with.

Due to said owners fining people without much access for the victims to correct their overlords own erroneous fines, people end up paying due to a dealine the owners are setting in place.

Not paying their collection money fines ends up in never ending higher fines/fees/possible loss of property or freedom.

Aka: Gangster

US government basically acts like gangsters. I mean they have to collect revenue somehow and they can’t collect it from Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or the like, so they have to resort to stuff like this.

The idea is make the penalty small enough that most people won’t bother fighting it.

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Thats fine so long as they dont send out bogus fines on the daily, severly limit the ability of people to correct said bogusness, then give people deadlines and further threaten them if they dont pay for a long time.

That there should be illegal, and thus…gangster.

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Yea it should be, and people should contact their congress about it, except congress only listens to Elon Musk and the like, so as long as they’re not inconvenienced in any way, who cares about the average American right?

Unless the people can make real demands in significant enough number for Congress to act. Or at least get Biden to sign an executive order.

Also increasingly laws have been written in such a way that YOU have to prove that the government agency made a mistake, which is very hard to do at times. It being legal or not has no bearings as they can write the law however they want to.

Its he same story everywhere. If the common american is impacted, usually only they can.force the change. As you say, large numbers is an influence. Protests and rallies of tens of thousands do nothing. A 150 million strong army of walkouts on taxes are a different story. But w all know human tribes are far too large for that kind of organization. Thats why people sit it out and quietly cheat the system instead

It isn’t politically popular to write IRS into the budget. The problems we are facing in the short term are funding issues. The bigger problem is the extravagant inefficiency and waste in our revenue collection system. The whole thing needs to be scrapped.


The lobbyists who write the proposals to lawmakers make the tax system as complicated as it can be to crate more loopholes to exploit for their clients.

I am not American but this is true for most countries.

German tax authorities did not discover being stolen from for years. $36.2 billion …

btw. in Germany a successful tax fraud investigator was transferred to a different position after being too good at catching big tax fraudsters :rofl:

If its not in the budget, where do their funds come from? If they are underfunded, we get this gangster level scenario…cant imagine that is popular either.

Seems like they run themselves like paypal. Except they have authority to take your stuff and destroy your life.

I loathe the IRS as much as the next guy, but they are forced to operate and execute poorly-conceived legislation amidst layoffs, deadlines, budget cuts, and antiquated computer systems that beckon to nefarious Nigerians. I’m surprised (not surprised) that we still voluntarily give our money to this sieve of a “treasury”

Can I stress again the hoops IRS has to jump through every year when some new ACT is legislated that creates a total cluster in the system? In the 1986 major tax overhaul, they spent years writing and vetting the changes before implementing. 2018 was a shitshow pushed through without substantial forethought of the real world implications. We are still paying for it. Since then it’s only become more surreal.


Yea because they rather pay off billionaires and overseas dictators than actually invest in the American people. That and the issuance of currency is controlled by a private bank.

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If the majority stopped paying taxes tomorrow until fixed, it would be fixed by months end. John Doe has an excuse not to be able to fix everything digging ditches and barely making rent. The government that seizes land, assets and destroys lives based on their own oppression and incompetent systems dont share said excuse. It is literally a mafia “protection” system that has extrapolated to hundreds of millions. Poor excuse for a place that advertises its world classness to everyone.

These kinds of things arent as hard as, say, climate change. They don’t do it because they dont need to yet, not because its complicated.

How about we go along with if they dont answer our questions by set deadline, then the case is considered solved and is no longer in need of remitting funds haha. They are really f*cking entitled elitists when we get down to it. Just pay for social services and get on with it. No other industry would allow such incompetence. Well, maybe sports. But nothing else.

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USA is hardly considered world class anymore except for its military power, and the claims of various MAGA folks.

Almost all Federal agencies in the US are gangster like, in that they will make mistakes, then make YOU prove that they made the mistake. Then when you somehow proved to them that they messed up they won’t even reimburse you for all the lost time, lawyer fees, or jail time.

Agreed. Except, within the usa the US is considered top dawg still. With little regard towards other nations doing various things better. As an example. In many ways canada is far superior to the usa. But they piggy back off of the US success. I have yet to see canada stand up, man up and actually go out and fugg someone up to.protect somethig post ww2. Not that the US is really all that moral, but they do pose a standard towards world peace amongst the big players like russia, Japan, China, UK etc.

I still think the US is absolutely a necessary entity for world order, but no one denies their fucked up issues. Eg. Health care, education, IRS, infrastructure and other such failed situations. They ought to, like every county ought to, look at their failures and improve them rather than keep bragging about their successes all day. In a sense, their denial of things like good healthcare/education for everyone is not so different than say china. Gotta pay to play type system. Same shit, different smell. Game is rigged, IRS are gangsters. The government needs to at least stop stealing from the people in order to look legtinate.


Six years ago, police showed up at my home at night in Massachusetts, demanded the keys to my car and threatened damage to it if I didn’t comply. They confiscated my car, but I’m not a criminal. In fact, I wasn’t even accused of a crime. So why have I been treated like one? Don’t I have any rights?

Turns out I’m not alone. I’m one of countless Americans who have had their property taken away under civil asset forfeiture laws, which allow police to take property if they suspect it was used in a crime. It adds up. There are so many of us that billions of dollars of property are seized every year. Unlike so many other victims, I decided to fight the government to get my property back.

My story began in March 2015 when I let my son, Trevice, borrow my car. Police in Berkshire County suspected that he was selling drugs, so they seized my car under the state’s civil asset forfeiture law, even though I had not been accused of any crime. But I had no idea that my son might have been involved in illegal activities when he was charged with a crime.

I was shocked when I learned what the government does with the property that is forfeited. Simply put, these laws are funding the police. Law enforcement agencies can keep the property, sell it and use 100% of the proceeds to pad their budgets. And there is no requirement that the value of the items seized be proportional to the crime allegedly committed. The amount of money captured is staggering. Since 2000, states and the federal government have collected at least $68.8 billion, according to an Institute for Justice report.

If you carry a large amount of cash (there’s really no legal definition of what that is), they can suspect you of a crime and seize the cash, and you have to sue to get it back.

My guess is most of these things happened after 9/11. When you start making exceptions to who has constitutional rights, this sort of stuff happens.

Don’t count on the courts to fix it, courts are basically biased to the point that they will rule based on politics, not the law.

Civil asset confiscation began in the 1980’s.

Actually if you wanted to split hairs, much of the watering down of the Bill of Rights came (at least as far as the Federal government goes) around the 1930s when FDR essentially used funding to force states to do what the Feds want. The rest is just history.

Civil Asset Theft makes the Stamp Act look benign in comparison:

The Stamp Act was very unpopular among colonists. A majority considered it a violation of their rights as Englishmen to be taxed without their consent—consent that only the colonial legislatures could grant. Their slogan was “No taxation without representation”.

But as long as it only happens to brown people and immigrants, nobody will make a fuss about it… That’s just how law enforcement seems to work in the US.

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This is why people want their guns. The government has literally gone bonkers with civil forfeiture BS. it is absolutely used and abused.

If Biden cared at all about gun control, he would take care of government theft first, gain a grain of salts worth of trust, then try. But like the IRS, crooks are allowed to run amok with immunity.