Government gangsterism in general

Happens to white people too man. This is one such situation everyone gets Fd in. Plus, white people have more shit to steal in the US. And the asians have better lawyers…usually.

Biden couldn’t do anything the elites didn’t want.

So if the elite will steal from the treasury, nothing the president can do about it. The US system is simply too far gone with too much lobbying for any meaningful change to happen that isn’t endorsed by the elites. Maybe that’s why the government must resort to robbery to keep their treasury alive. I’m sorry to sound pessimistic about the US but I seen what happened over the last 30 years, and while everyone might try and stop the downfall, it has been going on for such a long time that there’s no fixing it, and it will only get worse from now.

Sure the best way to enact gun control is to create conditions so that people don’t feel the need to buy guns. But when laws gets made that becomes increasingly unreasonable it never goes away. What happens in the US is people distrust the government deeply and when that happens, people buy guns.

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… or private jets

And to sell more copies of TurboTax.

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Of course, they still want Social Security, defense, schools, roads and water- they just demand the most fundamental right of all- the right to get stuff without paying

Yea I used to work at the Ben White Walmart, that is not too far from an IRS building… Maybe I remember seeing some black ninjas there sometimes…

That would explain why they weren’t very effective :expressionless:

I disagree. Government funding problems simply mean not enough taxes have been collected. One of the problems is that many or most government programs, most “wars on” are never won, only expanded.

IRS doesn’t decide how much of that collected revenue is used, Congress does, and Congress doesn’t want to fund them well.


Uh, the IRS has been gutted by Republicans in Congress, who have ordered them to concentrate their efforts on the Earned Income Tax Credit (tax relief to low income families, a small portion of the total), and allow wealthy tax cheats to get off without investigation.
Nice try deflecting for tax-fraud billionaires, though.

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I’m not sure why you’re telling me this. I’m well aware of how the IRS functions and how it is funded. As far as I’m concerned the lack of funds to the IRS should be replicated across the board. There’s no need for forever government programs, when consolidated streamlining would seem to be more efficient.

A slave owner takes January through December of a slave’s work. = highest moral indignation

Slave owner points a gun at a slave, “Will be nice to you this year. I’ll only take all your labor from January to March or April.”

We all say, “Okay.”

I only say Biden because he is the big pubba now. All presidents before failed too. my point was its disingenuous to rant on about something without talking about the root cause of the problems. tHis is something democrats and republicans all fail at. I am coastal canadian, democrats to me are right wing luntaics haha. So ya, i stand by my point :slight_smile: you can change the word Biden to any of the following if you like: Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Old bush and so on.

I agree, however…as @bree and others have mentioned, you get bogus fees/fines that you cannot contest. This becomes a gangster state immediately in this type of situation.

You missed my point about how shit would get corrected by weeks end in said scenario :wink: if you want to wait 30 years with no logicial results…thats on you haha.