Government regulation kills: COVID-19 specific

(Because covering all the ways government regulation puts lives at risk would be an unwieldy thread.)

Doing jobs that shouldn’t exist.

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Above is mostly bullshit.
Here are the actual trends plotted .There’s a large variation apparent.,


I’m wondering if you’ve noticed what the X scale in that graph doesn’t represent.

That’s exactly what makes it a superior graph

Superior for obfuscation purposes?

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I’ll accept the data for the sake of argument, and give the creator credit for at least using log scales. Still, the argument is weak. The only valid bases of comparison are time and total population. They’re throwing out one and ignoring the other.

Total population is pointless when you don’t have a handle on curbing exponential growth. So you have a billion more in population, given a 3 day doubling period, that’s only like an extra 3 months for your larger country to get to the same total cases per population ratio as a smaller one.

They plot new cases v.s. existing cases so you can compare how each country is handling the issue at the same stage of their epidemic. Time is represented by animation.


The point here is that the exponential growth seems to be going away all by itself, handling or no handling.

I think it’s slowing down because of all the social distancing and lockdown efforts.

Doesn’t explain the places that don’t do that.

Which would be? As far as I know, most of Europe and the Americas are in lockdown.

Sweden, far far lower cases per 1000 than the UK, by a nautical mile

Just remember, this thing is a marathon. Singapore curbed early exponential growth but eventually their containment lapsed and now they are back on that straight line upward.

The same goes for any country, including Taiwan, that decides they’ve got things under control and ends current lock down or social distancing measures without continuing to put masks on everyone and monitor inbound contagion.


But their death per case and death per 1M population are terrible. Sweden is currently at 132 deaths per 1M population. That’s the 11th highest in the world.


They stopped testing in Sweden months/a month ago, plus Sweden has the lowest (or almost the lowest) number of single households in the world.

Population density is far lower in Sweden in the cities compared to cities in UK.

If you wish to compare Sweden to responses in other countries, comparing it to dk, no or fi is more fruitful.



The sad thing is any country would look pretty good if you compare it with the UK right now…

Remember how Sweden ranks 11th on the death per 1M population scale? UK ranks 8th with 202.

Here’s how I see it. The virus without intervention and with normal human social activities would grow on that straight line in log scale. So far that holds true anywhere in the world where there’s proper testing and realistically reporting of the numbers.

Also, cases usually only show up about 2 weeks after infection. So while on that chart you might think there are more cases after the lockdown, so the lockdown isn’t working, what’s actually happening is that most of the cases being reported around April 6 caught the coronavirus before the lockdown.

If the Swedish government or people did not change how they are approaching this virus around March 27, there’s no reason for the drop other than a temporary lull due to smaller amount of testing or other reasons.

If Sweden is really having this thing under control, why did the Swedish government ask for special powers to combat the virus?

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