Government seeks foreign language guides


They want speakers of Malay, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian.

It does not matter whether the aspiring guides are Taiwanese, new immigrants or their children, or other foreigners, it said.


I can say no problem, let’s eat, sweetie and how much n all of those languages.


There’s more, and not just New Taipei.

Tour guides who can speak any of the languages would receive NT$2,000 (US$63.12) per tourist per day, the bureau said.
Subsidies can also be given to translators that the travel agencies hire to assist the tour guides.


Down: Mainland Chinese.
Up somewhat: Hongkongese, Macanese, North Americans, Australasians, Southeast Asians, and Taiwanese.
Up significantly: Japanese and Koreans.

To meet the needs of foreign visitors, the Presidential Office Building said it is looking for volunteers with foreign language skills to provide a more comprehensive tour-guide service as it installs a multi-language audio tour system.

I think there’s a comment worth making about this, but I’m not a tour guide, so I’ll just ponder it. :ponder: