Government Spies and the Straits Times

China has arrested a senior journalist working for Singapore’s Straits Times as he tried to obtain a manuscript of secret interviews with deposed Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang. Ching Cheong, who I’m sure moonlights as a spy for Singapore’s government like their Jakarta bureau chief did, was detained on April 22 in Guangzhou and authorities were preparing to charge him with stealing “core state secrets.”

I detest the Chicoms, but I detest Singapore Press Holdings equally. I hope the Singaporean spy/journalist gets his tits in a ringer. … 00986.html

The story doesn’t mention how SPH’s CEO was head of Singapore’s secret police, who locked up political opponents for as long as 30 years. Do I feel sorry for this twit? Not one bit. I hope he can get into a nice conversation on “Asian values” with his jailers :smiling_imp: