Government vehicle inspections suspended

FYI. Government car inspections for cars which are dated to be inspected this month have been postponed until after their level 3 period, presently July 24th.
Any late inspection fines which may be issued during this time can be reimbursed.


As noted elsewhere, just follow the blueprint of the U.S.
Early on, the DMV shut down for everything nearly everywhere in the U.S.
After awhile, they opened up, but by appointment online, which usually had about 2-4 months’ waiting time.
Heard stories of teenagers’ parents driving 300 miles to a DMV branch in the middle of nowhere so that their son/daughter could take their first driving test in order to get their first license. Ha ha. Now those are nice parents.

WTF!? So the part of the regime which issues fines will continue on as “normal” so the hapless motorist is to be fined for not doing something which another part of the regime has forbidden them to do?! The nonsense has been recognized by the regime but rather than fix the issue it falls on the motorist to comply and pay the fine which will then be reimbursed later. Government at it’s highest level! I suppose we can expect an increase in either taxes, inspection fees or both to cover the administrative costs of dealing with refunds…


I was thinking the same thing. that cant be right thats some next level retarded rule making skills.

If thye close when we inspect, i aint paying any fines. Will argue that one the morons that be. They can just figure their computer systems out on their own.


The immigration department gave a 30 day extension to arc holders.

But the department did not give the same to the work permit. So if your work permit you expires in June you will be required to attend the hospital for the health check and a police department for your police check.

Left hand don’t know what right hand is doing.


My car inspection period runs from late June until late August. I was planning to have it done in June or early July, as I’m planning to go to the US in mid-July and return in September.

So, how does that work?

Who knows! I guess you can expect a fine in any case, whether it will be refunded or not is another thing. I’ve a horrible feeling that they will still be closed in September though…


A beer says that if these stories above are reported on in chinese and spread theough the social media mafia, it will be remedied soon enough. Hint hint.

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