Gov't videos for foreigners

See surfer dude and his wife, who really needs to switch to decaf, arrive in Taiwan for their honeymoon. (“Taipei one day tour”) (This one’s worth it just for the “Welcome to Taiwaaaaaaaaaaaan” that comes within the first 30 seconds.)
See a foreigner praise the “bi-lin-gyu-awl environment” here and interview Taiwanese about whether they would marry a foreigner. (“A thousand miles invisible bond held by a thread”)
And much, much more.

Alternately good, embarrassing, weird, and useful – sometimes all at the same time.

Thanks for the link, Cranky.

Hilarious. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but as you said, the “Welcome to Tai-waaaaaaaaan” of the surfer dude in the first thirty seconds makes it all worth while.

That, and the “Wellcome to Taiwan” that flashes across the screen in the opening montage (maybe the video was sponsored by Wellcome Supermarket?) :wink:

“You yi ge xin xian de di fang . . .”

The “Taiwan is full of fun” one is what I was referring to in this thread:

Absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for sharing. :bravo:

…and the woman at the airport suggested 臭豆腐? That’s wonderful! I, too, did it to my visiting friends, but mainly for the excitement of watching the expressions on their faces as they tried it.

The guy running around asking Taiwanese if they wanted to marry a foreigner… Adn then praising the Taipei Foreign affairs police for being helpful…

“Oh, as a foreigner, it’s so easy to be married in Taiwan”.

“Taiwanese are nice, helpful, and they all speak English”.

OK, at least they give the foreigner-Taiwanese tie-ups a bit of good press, but… that video was a tad on the embarrasing side.

They’ve finally got the hang of comedy. This is just fantastic. :bravo:

How does a foreigner get married in TW?

I guess I would have to get married to find out.

Would a Taiwanese gurl want to marry a foreigner?

I guess I would have to get married to find out.

Will I get laid in TW?*

I guess I would have to get married to find out.

Ok I added the * one, but U can tell dis is some pretty lame comedy, iz sad ppl will think iz true… “A thousand miles invisible bond thread” video I think iz more fun dan da surfer couple, they fit the stoner stereotype “too” perfectly.

Bus driver at airport, greeting surfer dude and wife:

(In English)

“Hi, welcome to Taiwan!”


LOL and there is NO WAY those two would be staying at that hotel! :loco:

But I do like the woman’s line, “Let’s go to the front desk and see if they know where we are…” :astonished: