GPS accessories and equipment

On the so-called “Technology Island” I find it impossible to find any accessories or equipment for my GPS, even though the damn thing was made here.
So, to those that know what I’m talking about, does anyone know where I can get a USB lead for PC connection, a cigarette lighter charger thingy, and an in car use antenna for my GARMIN GPS 12?

And any maps that use DEG/MIN/SEC.


Try in GuangHua market, not the shops under the bridge but the ones in the corner of XinSheng and Bade (a tad south on XinSheng) - there is a underground shopping center (levels B1/B2). I have seen two or three shops there that sell Garmin accessories.

Otherwise contact the following company: Homepage or email them directly at info[no spam]

They are distributor for Garmin products though I am not sure if they sell single items.

Thanks Rascal, I’ll try that.