GPS for Motorcycle


Where can I find gps for a scooter (Aeon OZ150) ? Any brand / model advices are welcome.
Thanks :s

What do you mean with GPS? Just a GPS logger which will save your traveled route and speed?

You don’t need something specifically for a motorcycle for that one. Just buy a small device and put it in your pocket.

I use the Sygic application on my smartphone and it gives me routes, maps, speed, logs everything plus altitude and many other things. Don´t buy a GPS if you already have a smartphone with GPS antenna.

Something like this … 2a2f7b302f

it you really want to spend money on something like that, you can go to GuangHua building, in the computer market, Taipei, near ZhonXiao road.

Again, I do not think you need it, but…

I would use smartphone as gps but when it is rainy or sunny, it will affect it…so i prefer to use gps which is waterproof

OK. You have that building with lots of shops inside. In some of this shops it should be possible to find a waterproof case. I bought something like that last week (before I just used a holder), but I´m not sure how much of a rainproof thing it is…

Thank you for reply, I will go there to check tomorrow or on Sunday :bravo:

i would suggest you to get all weather case for the iphone and get the Garmin GPS Application… a friend had one of those cases down in Taichung and he was using the bluetooth headset to ride his bike and follow the GPS…