Gps In Taiwan?//?

Could somebody elaborate on using GPS units in Taiwan?

are the maps available any good?
are they in Pinyin or characters?

What map software is worth it’s price?

Thank You, GlowB

there are very detailed maps avalible, of taipei atleast, seen it in a cab once.
Software google it you should get good hits.

I am still not able to get English maps.

There is this.

Everything I found seems to be PocketPC related. I have no idea about the quality of the maps.

I was given a Garmin ETrex Legend.

It’s about a third the price to buy the English-language one online from U-S vendors compared to the Chinese ones available here.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of loading Chinese-language maps onto the English unit.

So if you want to use maps, your money savings won’t mean a whole lot, as no-one appear to want to put out English-language maps for Taiwan any time soon.

Still, the English-language one is useful for storing trek and bike ride routes and finding them again.

I’m slowly mapping Taipei’s landmarks. Come to think of it, people who use the same software could build up an impressive database if they share information they have stored in their units online.