GPS nav app for car

I just installed an Android nav system in my car and I’m not happy with google maps: it’s bloated with information and pictures I don’t want about restaurants and businesses I don’t care about. More importantly, it doesn’t tell me where the speed cameras are. My previous nav system came with NavKing which I kinda despise too but it was good for knowing where the cameras are located.

I want something that:

  • has maps of Taiwan, obviously
  • the maps are available when offline
  • has speed cameras, and tells you in advance about them
  • hopefully you can drop a pin and create a route from current location to it
  • hopefully UI is in English… NavKing and the lite version of PapaGo (something S1) have Eng voice but I’d like to be able to go through the menus without having to guess what I’m doing or getting weird translations from confused Taiwanese copilots

Waze? My friends like it but I don’t like it. I don’t know if it’s compatible with your situation.

Oh, right. I also want the maps to be available offline, just in case.

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Thanks. That information may be a bit outdated though.

I just found out that MapFactor Navigator, which is free, has the option to download cameras. I just did it and see them on the map, I’ll test the alerts on the road and see if they’re good enough.

I currently just use Google maps to avoid traffic. I mostly drive routes I already know.

HERE WeGo App is as good as it was back then. You can create an account with them and your saved destinations can be synced across multiple devices.
Offline maps can be downloaded by regions you really need.

What’s wrong with (local king) NaviKing 3D Pro?

It’s great. You don’t really need to go through the options much. There are few.

I just don’t like the maps… and until very recently I thought that you had to enter a real, full address for navigating to it. Only recently I found out that I could just drop a pin in the map and navigate to it, but since it’s all in Chinese I’m not sure if I will be able to do it again and what the different route settings are.

But yeah, I might go with it since I believe it’s cheap (500 NT?) if I decide not to use Navigator and Sygic (this one is not free but it’s fairly good).

Actually there’s an app with all the cameras in Taiwan, I don’t know the name but the icon is a street camera with a 100 next to it. This app should show a tiny overlay with the speed and cameras info when running in the background, but it just crashes after a second when I change apps in the Android device in my car. I think all the app permits are correct but I might be missing something.

I think you need to watch an ad every hour too.

I want to add an extra overlay to NaviKing so I have double warning. :wink:

The last 5 years or so I only used Google maps.

But before that I had very good experience with Papago: Speed limits, traffic information, etc was all quite good if I remember correctly. Depending on the platform, it was all in Chinese back then I think.

You can still give it a try to Google Maps
there are many settings for language , English UI , menu , voice

About the speed cameras, maybe you can try this App ( TomTom AmiGO - GPS, Speed Camera & Traffic Alerts)

Not exactly. You have to watch a video with some bullshit ad whenever you want to update the cameras. TBH I don’t even think the count of updates is real, unless there are new cameras every day.

I bought a Garmin GPS for the car after one too many incidents when Google maps disappeared up it’s own nether regions when the going got tough. Great investment, free updates for life on software and Taiwan maps. way superior to Google maps on complicated junctions and overpasses as it shows a picture/graphic of the junction in overhead and/or 3D model to show here to go. Can share locations from your phone google maps directly to the Garmin using bluetooth.


Scout GPS app works fine on my iPhone, it has speedcams and can work in offline mode