Gram in Kindergartens

Anyone have the low down on GRAM English schools kindergarten program?

What about Shine English?

The GRAM kindergartens are franchised off, I worked at the first one for about 2 years, and still have a good friend that works there. They are probably better than average, the HESS ones look flasher and more organized from the outside. What specifically do you want to know?

Cheers Mike

I heard that the Hess Kindergarten books are a little difficult with too much vocab. for a bi-lingual kindergarten. They can still be taught but from what I hear it’s a lot more work. I heard this from a local teacher so I don’t know if it’s true.

Gram - I know nothing. Is it suitable of possible for a bi-lingual Kindergarten to use or is it just for the all English schools?

How many books are there?
What do the books cover?
Are there adequate teaching resources?
Is it fun?
CD -Rom?

What are the good and bad points?

Why don’t you just do a demo and an interview for them? Just call them up set up an interview and go see what they have. I believe Durin’s Bane has done this. You could ask DB as a smart flashgit like himself would of already scoped them out.

As much as I hate to say it, Have you tried tealit? You might get something besides trolls and flames if your lucky.



What books are your competitors using?

It doesn’t really matter what books you use (although anything from Kaiser Kastle is best avoided. Also, no franchises). Find something that separates you from the rest of the pack.

The owner and I were originally looking at the no franchise route. Then, as of yesterday, he saw what is surrounding the location of the cram school. Sesame Street, Hess, and Joy - small towners are going for the big names, plenty of small independants nearby. Now he is looking at Kid Castle. Can’t say that I agree but the owner thinks that it would be more effective.

Our kindergartens are no problem, we are already the biggest and most successful.



Happy Marion has an excellent reputation in the market (I mean amongst Taiwanese, not foreigner teachers -at least in Taipei) and I’ve heard that they’re doing very well. If your school’s thinking of joining a franchise check them out for sure. The franchise is more about the name than the program. At least some oft he franchises don’t have strict rules about having to use their materials 100%.