Grand Justice ruling on police powers

Today’s papers have articles on a ruling by the Council of Grand Justices regarding police powers to stop and search and to carry out raids.

Seems they have now decided that taking action of this sort without due cause or a search warrant is unconstitutional. Well, Duuuuuuh!

Anyway, the article on the front page of the Taiwan News specifically lists random traffic checks as one of the no-nos.

My question: what are your options if you are pulled over for one of these roadside checks? (I’m assuming that the cops won’t stop these checks, as without them they’d never be able to make their quotas). What happens if you refuse to cooperate with what I suppose is now recognized by the authorities as illegal police action?

Or am I completely off-base? After all, I’m basing my assumptions on a local news story, so there’s every chance that the information is completely wrong.

My guess is they can’t search you or your vehicle. I’d be very surprised if they couldn’t check your licence and breathalise you. This kind of random check is standard in many countries.