Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC

Anyone know when this will be available in Taiwan or if it will support English?

Same goes with it on xbox. I’d love to know.

I just played this on a friend’s PC last night… if you know how to use BitTorrent then I’m sure you’ll know where to look…?
Great game.

i havent seen pc english/chinese version in shops yet.

i will have xbox version very soon, for those interested… :unamused:

My GF bought it (in Germany) for me yesterday. :smiley: I think I’m gonna log out from Forumosa now…

Good games coming out this month, San Andreas and the big one (for me anyway) Battlefield 2.

Don’t think I need a better excuse to stay indoors and out of the heat of summer :uhhuh:

It’s a good idea to stock up your fridge, cupboards and mow the lawn. Tell your friends and family that you won’t be around for a while and take any pets around to the neighbours.

I played it in the UK at Christmas with my brother.

It’s a good idea to stock up your fridge, cupboards and mow the lawn.[/quote]

How do you know what I did yesterday? :laughing:

However, you forgot the following:

  • Buy a DVD reader which is compatible with GTA’s copy protection (my Philips DVD burner isn’t)
  • Buy a new graphics card

After installing an old DVD drive and overclocking my graphics card, it’s working quite well… too bad that I have to work now, too. :s

there’s a no CD crack available so U don’t need to keep it in your DVD drive.

I find its a lot better than the PS2 version, much better graphics and speed, the gameplay is mediocre unfortunately when it comes to the shootouts, but I luv the game just for the storyline and voiceover acting.

The copy protection for San Andreas is SecuROM 7 and it’s been very compatible with everything in the past so I’m surprised that you’re having trouble reading the DVD. I’m just happy they didn’t use Starforce as their copy protection, what a piece of shit program that is, Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory worked perfectly for me but Silent Hunter 3 is so broken I had to use CD cracks to play and I still can’t upgrade to version 1.2 because there hasn’t been a CD crack upgrade yet.